353 – Burleigh Brewing’s Business Strategy Is All About Delivering Awesomeness

353 – Burleigh Brewing’s Business Strategy Is All About Delivering Awesomeness

Heard the one about the lawyer who walked into a bar? This isn’t just any bar either. The iconic Burleigh Brewing Co was started by Peta Fielding and her husband Brennan on the back of successful brewing endeavours in Hawaii.

Peta said that she always knew she wanted to create a special business, she didn’t know what, but she knew what it would feel like. After meeting her would be husband, a talented brewer in Hawaii the pieces started to fall into place.

Listen in as we cover some serious marketing ground including:

  • How Peta went from high flying lawyer to an MBA in Hawaii to owning a brewery and pub in Hawaii to Starting The Burleigh Brewing Company
  • How every beer has a story (and a cool name to go with it – like My Wife’s Bitter!)
  • Burleigh Brewing Company’s philosophy around people
  • The importance of community and how it intersects with local marketing initiatives

But that’s not all. In this episode of your favourite marketing podcast:

Yep, you guessed it, another big episode, so let’s get stuck, right in.






00:00  Two Marketing Insights
00:51  Teaser
01:30  Welcome & overview
02:45  Insights into The Small Business Outsourcing Tour to the Philippines
03:44  Today’s guest introduction – Peta Fielding
05:08  Interview with Peta Fielding
40:00  Insights into Cornerstone Business Solutions
41:40  Insights into Key Person of Influence and The Small Business Big Marketing Club
44:59 My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Peta Fielding
46:10  How to run a weird marketing campaign to grow your business
48:57 Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest





  1. Spend the time to make your brand pop. Head over to BurleighBrewing.com.au and check out how Peta has done it with their brands.
  2. Story-telling makes brand development simple. Take a listen to my interview with Dave Musson of Saddleback Leather.
  3. Celebrate staff anniversaries. Success in small business is celebrating the big wins and the little wins.





Burleigh Brewing Company’s official website

Get access to the 9 steps involved in creating highly profitable partnerships from Key Person of Influence’s Glen Carlson inside The Small Business Big Marketing Club

What Have You Got To Lose – How to run a weird marketing campaign to grow your business





Key Person of Influence – Become highly valued & highly paid
Grab a FREE hard or audio copy of their Amazon best-seller.






What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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