Another business success story inspired by COVID-19 with IsoKings Jeremy Fleming | #527

Another business success story inspired by COVID-19 with IsoKings Jeremy Fleming | #527

Jeremy Fleming has built stages for some of the biggest events and acts to ever come to Australia. Then COVID hit … and he was left without a business. But, thanks to an extraordinary pivot, business has never been so good. It’s a fully staged episode 527 of The (11 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


Big Episode Today

  • Stage-maker to the stars, Jeremy Fleming shares how a COVID-forced pivot, along with an employee’s hobby, has been unbelievably good for business.
  • This week’s Monster Prize Draw winner found the confidence to change his business for the better thanks to an idea picked up from a past episode.
  • Plus I let you in on an upcoming guest who has some shocking news for all business owners.


A Little More About Isoking’s owner Jeremy Fleming

Righto, let’s meet Jeremy Fleming, the founder of StageKings, the company responsible for building stages for huge events throughout Australia. We’re talking the Commonwealth Games, any big rock concerts that (used to) come our way, the set for Ninja Warrior, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo … and the list goes on.

Well, until COVID-19 hit, when his business (like so many) literally ground to a halt overnight.

But, instead of licking his wounds, Jeremy and his wife pivoted immediately into flat-pack office furniture! Seems obvious!!!

Now, under the brand name IsoKings, business is booming once again, employing more staff than ever, and he’s donated over $50,000 to Support Act, a charity helping Aussie musicians who are out of work.

Given how well Jeremy’s handled COVID-19, I started off by asking him what he’d say to business owners who are stuck or struggling right now.


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers

  1. I love how he built his first business by creating a list of A-list clients (brands he’d love to work with) then chasing them. Who can you pick up the phone and talk to … right now?
  2. I love how, when the shit hit the fan, he asked a simple question … What skills or hobbies do your staff have that we could create a business out of?
  3. I love how he published that open letter on his social media channels. No hype. No sell. He just laid out his situation and as a result received a groundswell of what he called “community-led innovation”.

Jeremy Fleming IsoKings


Last Week’s Episode of The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast

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Monster Prize Draw Winner

Immigration expert Nick Hansen of Hansen Migration.


Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.



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