Cha-Ching! The sweet, sweet sound of small business marketing success.

Cha-Ching! The sweet, sweet sound of small business marketing success.

Well done…you have just found the most useful set of marketing ideas that you may ever need.


Written by a small business owner (moi) for small business owners, all 49 ideas (possibly many more ;0) have been tried, tested and improved upon before making the cut.

In fact, the criteria for choosing each idea was:

  • Can it be done on a shoestring?
  • Is it easy to implement?
  • Is it focused on producing solid results?


All 49 ideas contained in this best-seller tick every one of these boxes.


You see, for 15+ years I worked in the Marketing Departments of a number of large multi-nationals. Then seven years ago I started what would be the first of a number of small businesses that I own to this day. It was during these five years I had the following realisations:


    1. Marketing is key to a small business’s success.
    2. Many of the Marketing disciplines that the big guys use can be used to just as much benefit (if not more) for small businesses.
    3. And this is the big one…having a huge budget is NOT the key to marketing success.


Sure, having lots of money allows you to do more things more often, but with some clever ideas and the willingness to implement them, you can achieve some staggering results. Cha-Ching! shows you how.

What I also realised was that us small business owners want to get on with what we do best, and not have to spend inordinate amounts of time focusing on those necessary evils that take away our focus.



It would have saved me enormous amounts of time, heartache…not to mention bucket loads of money!

No academic mumbo jumbo…just proven, results-focussed marketing ideas aimed at getting your small business booming.

There is nothing I love more than receiving an e-mail from a Client or reader telling me how CHA-CHING! has “helped turn their business around”…or “taken it to new heights.”

You see, what I’ve realised over the course of my Marketing career is that there’s no shortage of ways to promote and market your business, but there is an information gap when it comes to knowing which ideas are right and why.




Here’s A Little Secret…

OK…so here it is…one of my secrets revealed…and you haven’t even bought the book! That’s OK…my view is you’ll like what you hear and you’ll want more…and more…and more.

The big secret is that effective marketing for small businesses is all about having a number of initiatives happening at the one time in the knowledge that some will fall to the ground whilst others will fly and deliver the results you’re looking for.

That’s why I’ve created a Top 49 (and not a Top 10 or 20)…and I didn’t create a top 101 as that would just be too many ideas to get your head around. This way there’s sure to be a handful of ideas right from the get-go that have you saying…

Hey, I could do that…

And the beautiful thing is that some ideas are so simple you could have them up and running in an hour (sometimes much less), whilst others will require a little more thought and planning.

Anyway, enough from me. I hope you enjoy CHA-CHING! as much as I enjoyed writing it.

BTW, upon payment, it’s delivered as a PDF download.


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