Snackwize founder Conor Reynolds on building a healthy business | #472

Snackwize founder Conor Reynolds on building a healthy business | #472

You know those healthy snack boxes that get delivered to businesses around Australia? Not the ones with Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas in them … I’m talking about the ones with Wasabi-flavoured peas and Organic Popcorn. Well … you and I are about to meet the fella who started that business. How dare he bring healthy snacking to the workplace!


A little bit more about Snackwize founder Conor Reynolds …

Conor Reynolds is a corporate health and well-being expert, as well as the founder of SnackWizeAustralia’s #1 monthly subscription healthy snack service that delivers healthy snacks straight to your office.

Like I said at the top of the show … Conor’s not delivering yummy chocolate snacks or fatty potato chips… we’re talking Veggie Crisps and Raw Cacao Cookies!

But clearly there’s a market for it, as Snackwize is going gang-busters. Since its launch in 2016, the business has experienced rapid growth in Australia, doubling its revenue year-on-year and quintupling its client base, delivering tens of thousands of snacks to blue chip clients including Uber, Universal Studios, Deloitte, Red Bull and Samsung, to name a few.

Conor’s recently launched Snackwize in New Zealand, and he’s just finished a successful capital raising of half a million dollars!


Snackwize founder Conor Reynolds on building a healthy business | #472


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Snackwize founder Conor Reynolds:

  1. I love how (despite the fact that Snackwize is not yet an empire), Conor has embraced publicity as a major marketing strategy. I’ll put the press release he sent me in the show notes to give you an idea of what best practice looks like.
  2. I love his pricing model. Any recurring monthly income business gets my attention straight away.
  3. And I love the fact that Conor went out of his way to listen to his customers.


“Publicity has been by far and away our best source of creating brand awareness and generating leads.”
– Conor Reynolds,
Snackwize founder Connor Reynolds on building a healthy business | #472


Conor Reynolds Interview Transcription


Conor got to start with the big question the hard-hitting question what’s your favourite snack?


Good question to start off with. I’m a bit of a beef jerky fan myself, Tim. So it is either a hate or love relationship with people with beef jerky literally love or you hate it. But I love it. That’s my favourite snack.

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