The GFC forced this financial adviser to fully embrace content marketing.

The GFC forced this financial adviser to fully embrace content marketing.

Financial advisor Charles Badenach has fully embraced the concept of content marketing. As a director and employee of Shadforths, a large financial group located in Hobart, Tasmaina, Charles has successfully built his own personal brand using a mix of marketing strategies book publishing, video marketing, eBooks, blogging as well as frequent use of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. I know, a financial adviser using Pinterest …. and well!

I spoke at a conference just last week at which Charles also spoke at, and it was a pleasure to see all the various mediums Charles is using, as well as how he is using them to build his client base. To that end, in this fireside chat, you’ll discover:

  1. Why and when he started implementing this marketing strategy.
  2. But also how he goes about implementing it – how the books came about, how he manages to create so many videos (that include engaging ideas), how he manages to blog frequently and how he maintains a relevant and consistent social media presence.
  3. How much Charles spends (dollars and time) on all of this each month?
  4. What’s the ROI from all of this content marketing activity?



Charles Badenach’s biography reads:

Charles is a Principal and  Private Client Adviser with the Shadforth Financial Group. He  has made a career out of devising financial planning strategies and structures that assist clients in achieving their financial and personal goals.

Charles has worked in the finance industry for over 12 years and during that time has spoken at numerous conferences, schools, universities,  public forums and businesses on financial markets.  Charles has also written many articles for both industry publications and the mainstream media.

Charles was the National and State winner in the 2010 Financial Planning Association  (FPA) Value of Advice Awards in the Pre Retirement Category.

Charles was awarded the 2011 Money Management Australian Financial Planner of the Year. In the same year Charles was also the National and State winner of the Future2  Community Service Best Practice Award for his services in promoting financial literacy to those socially disadvantaged within the community.

Charles was awarded the Financial Standard  Innovation, Leadership and Excellence in Social Media for Financial Services in Australia Award in  2012.  In the same year Charles was also the State Runner Up in the FPA Certified Financial Planner® Professional Best Practice Award.

Charles has also written a self help book titled “Old Head on Young Shoulders” which made the national best seller list in 2012. In addition to this the book was reviewed in a number of national newspapers and was the Money Magazine Book of the Month in July 2011.

Charles is  a shareholder of the Shadforth Financial Group an ASX listed entity.

Charles in his role as a Private Client Adviser acts  primarily for professional accumulators, charitable foundations and self funded retirees

 My three key learnings from this chat with Charles (although there were plenty more) are:

  1. Inject an idea in to your content.
  2. Engage people in the first 10 seconds of your content.
  3. Share your knowledge openly and frequently.

You can view one of Charles’s videos above plus here’s the links to his various social media channels:

Charles Badenach on Facebook
Charles Badenach on Google+
Charles Badenach on LinkedIn
Charles Badenach on Pinterest
Charles Badenach on YouTube
Charles Badenach on Twitter

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