Who else wants a content marketing strategy that works?

I call today’s idea “the quickest and easiest way to create Authority Content.”

The problem = Most business owners don’t create enough content.

Like most business owners, we get fired up listening to Timbo’s podcast. We get inspired. We want to create articles, videos and podcasts. We want to take the internet (and our competition) by storm with our amazing content marketing skills.

Sadly, we’re all too busy, and if we’re like most, we’re lucky to put out one blog post a quarter.

So what’s the secret to putting out high quality content consistently?

You need a system – you need the Authority Content Marketing System.

Here’s how it works.

#1. Get the business owner (and his team) to identify the frequently asked questions that their prospects are already asking – include questions you believe they should be asking too! List all these questions out – you want at least 30.

#2. Get in front of a video camera and answer all the questions live and in one go. If possible, it’s a great idea to do this in front of a small audience too since it takes the performance to the next level.

#3. Take all the content you created and split it up. Make videos, audios and even have it transcribed so you can begin to repurpose it.

#4. The final step is to share it. Post it on your site, SEO it and share it on social media. Note: If you set this up correctly this can be done over a 3-6 month period. You’ll be surprised at how much this content can be repurposed.

Follow this process, create systems for it, batch your content creation and become a content machine… you can’t help but win with this strategy.

To find out more about this strategy check out my book Authority Content – it’s an Amazon BestSeller. Heck, I’ll even give you a free copy. As part of this special promotion we’re doing with Small Business Big Marketing – we’re giving away a limited number of my book, Authority Content.

Simply email
dave@melbourneSEOservices.com, write “Authority Content” in the subject and I’ll send you a FREE copy.

P.s. Want to see this type of content in action? Here’s a snippet of a workshop re-purposed:

This SEO tip was kindly provided by David Jenyns of www.melbourneSEOservices.com

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