3-Steps To Creating A Little WOW! For Your Clients

I call today’s idea creating a little WOW!

In a world of sameness, it’s hard to stand out, right? To create that precious point-of-difference that will have you standing head and shoulders above your competition.

I mean, someone will always match you on price, stock similar products, or offer similar services.

But not every business can make their customers go WOW! They should, but they don’t. Or maybe they just don’t know how to. Well, it’s doesn’t need to be that hard, start with a little WOW! and work your way up.

Here’s my 3-steps to creating a little WOW!:

  1. Get some A3 paper, and draw a timeline with the far left hand side being the first moment a prospect comes into contact with your business (think website, signage, business card), and the far right hand side being post-purchase, once the transaction is completed. Then fill in all the moments-of-truth in between. Those moments where you have an opportunity to WOW your customer.
  2. Choose one moment-of-truth and sprinkle a little WOW on it. It might be when a prospect walks into your shop and you offer them a glass of water. Or maybe it’s 3-months after a purchase when you, the boss, rings them and asks how it’s all going.
  3. Action your little WOW! idea. Then rinse and repeat. The aim is to create a whole lot of little WOW moments which will all add up to an unforgettable and highly shareable customer experience.

Pro-Tip: Read Delivering Happiness by Zappos founder Tony Shay. It’ll show you how to take a little WOW! to a whole new level.

If you’d like help implementing any of the simple marketing ideas I share, go ahead and join The Small Business Big Marketing Club – where I’ll personally support you on your marketing journey.

So … what have you got to lose?!


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