Cryptocurrency (not just Bitcoin) for small business – All your questions answered | #544

Cryptocurrency (not just Bitcoin) for small business – All your questions answered | #544

How can you as a small business owner make best use of cryptocurrency? Afterall, everyone seems to be talking about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Etherium, blockchains. But what does it mean for us … the small business owner? How do we actually make a dollar from it? One of Australia’s leading experts joins us to explain it all! It’s a slightly complicated episode 544 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



A Little More About BTC Market’s Caroline Bowler …

Are you finding words like cryptocurrency, Ethereum and blockchain are more and more creeping into your daily conversations?

Or maybe you’re hearing that a friend of a friend of a friend made a million bucks overnight through some Bitcoin investment?

Then, when you ask one of these crypto-geniuses to explain it all, they look at you through glazed eyes!

Well, knowledge is power, and it’s time to find out what it all means for us business owners.

So, I asked those of you on my list what your #1 question was around Cryptocurrency and I’ve narrowed your curiosity down to 34 questions!

Then, I invited Caroline Bowler, the CEO of BTC Markets and one of Australia’s leading experts on to answer them.

Now, just so you don’t get too excited, tour chat is centred more around how business owners can make best use of cryptocurrency and not how we can make a million dollars from investing in Bitcoin. Soz! Although I do ask her on more than one occasion.

I start off asking Caroline to explain the basics … Like, what is Cryptocurrency!?


Cryptocurrency resources mentioned by Caroline Bowler …

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Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.



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