Attention content marketers … How to get clear on your editorial mission.

Attention content marketers … How to get clear on your editorial mission.

Content marketing is the new marketing black … I think most motivated small business owners are on to this important marketing fact by now. It’s possibly the best marketing strategy for helping small business owners share that mountain of knowledge that they’re standing on and  become the thought-leader in their industry.

Great content marketing starts with identifying your editorial mission. “My editorial what?!”, I hear you say.

Great question … that’s why past guest Joe Pullizi (Head of the Content Marketing Institute) and I got together and dedicated this entire bonus episode of the Small Business BIg Marketing Show to that exact question. My first fireside chat with Joe was in episode 125 of the Small Business Big Marketing show, in which we talked at length about all aspects of content marketing for small business. It was one of my most downloaded episodes of recent times, answering many questions, but also raising many more, like how do I define my editorial mission?!

You see, your editorial mission defines what you’re going to talk about and share as a content creator. Once you’re clear on your editorial mission, it becomes the filter you pass all your content creation ideas through. On top of that, you become a lot more focussed and far less stressed about what content to share with your prospects and clients. Content marketing becomes a breeze with a well-defined, editorial mission.

Now, this is a bonus episode of the show, and I share just half the interview I did with Joe. I actually did the initial interview exclusively for my Small Business Big Marketing Forum members – that’s where you can find it in its entirety. PLUS lots more marketing gems – including all the training I’ve ever created and great discussion amongst other motivated small business owners. If you’ve got a marketing question then the Forum is a great place to have it answered. And it’s just $49 / month. I’m in there each day … and hope to see you in there soon.

Now, enjoy my interview with Joe and if it helps you get clear on your editorial mission, then please share it below.


Joe Pulizzi’s Interview Transcription


Joe Pulizzi, head of the Content Marketing Institute of the world, welcome back to Small Business Big Marketing.


Tim, it’s always happy to be back. I’m enjoying our time the first time we spent and happy to talk with you this time as well.


Love it mate. Last time we spoke, episode 125, for our listeners, guys seriously go back to that. I often talk, Joe, in my show about marketing gems dripping from the headquarters of the Small Business Big Marketing studio but boy o boy that episode is full of them. Go back to that. But you were actually just heading to Australia to run your first live event of the Content Marketing Institute. Quick one, how’d it go?

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