How To Turn Your Email Signature Into A Sales Machine

I call today’s idea the rock star email signature.

Let’s face it, your email signature is probably pretty average. If you’re like most business owners it either contains just your name, or it contains everything … your name, title, email, website, every social media handle, phone, fax, mobile, street address, postal address, a massive logo and even bigger disclaimer!

You can do so much better. Take the time to set up a better email signature than the generic one you have now. There’s no reason why a good email signature can’t help drive enquiry and conversions … even sales. When I’ve link to my book’s sales page, I notice a marked increase in sales.  

So, here’s my 3-steps to getting an email signature that rocks:

  1. Think about what else you could include in your signature besides the obvious. No need to go crazy – but just think about this important marketing touchpoint a little more strategically. For example, have you written a popular blog post you can link to? What about a link to your business’s explainer video?  Or link to an eBook you’ve written? These are all ways you can engage with users and prospects in an effort to move them down your conversion funnel.
  2. Sign up to an email signature tool like Hubspot’s or WiseStamp’s, or do as I do and simply work with what your email host provides.
  3. Replace your old email signature with your new rockstar one!

Nowadays, an effective email signature is a vital part of any business communication. Follow these simple email signature best practices to make your email signature work hard.

Pro-Tip: Update your email signature from time-to-time to test how recipients respond to different messages, offers and links.

That’s my 3-steps to creating an email signature that rocks.

Here’s a blog post on the art and science of email signatures, and here’s a link to FastMail a great email provider in which you can create your own signatures.

And here’s an example of two email signatures that sell for me:

email signature best practice

email signature best practice

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So, what have you got to lose?


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