Consumer futurist Amanda Stevens on how and why epic marketing is the way to go | #454

Consumer futurist Amanda Stevens on how and why epic marketing is the way to go | #454

You know how much the marketing world has changed in the past few years, right? That’s why you listen to this show … to stay on top of the latest trends. Well, today’s episode takes your trendwatching to a whole new level as Australia’s leading Consumer Futurist Amanda Stevens and I have a solid conversation about exactly what you should be doing to super-charge the marketing of that beautiful business of yours.


A little bit more about consumer futurist Amanda Stevens …

In changing times, the customer experience is emerging as the most exciting opportunity to grow market share.

Amanda Stevens is a speaker, author, TV Host, and business improvement consultant who is passionate, excited and curious about marketing, consumer psychology, business, and building businesses. Her unique ability to ability to articulate what consumers want, and how brands can connect with them in unique and meaningful ways, has seen her address over 700 conferences in 14 countries.

She’s currently one of the most in-demand speakers in Australian and is renowned for her articulate, engaging and entertaining style of presenting.


In this wide-ranging interview consumer futurist Amanda Stevens shares:

  • What small business owners are getting wrong in their marketing in 2019
  • What marketing has caught her attention lately
  • What 6 videos every small business owner should create
  • What is epic marketing and why is it so important
  • What the consumer is thinking today
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Amanda Stevens:

  1. I love the idea of a customer advisory board.
  2. “Make your marketing worthy of a Friday night dinner party conversation.” If you’d like to explore this even further, have a listen to the interview I did with Chick-Fil-A owner Arthur Greeno who talks at length about remarkable marketing.
  3. I love Amanda’s view that we all need to be epic in our marketing from the inside out, and that starts with creating an epic customer experience.  



“It’s OK to look in your rearview mirror …. just don’t stare.”
– Amanda Stevens,
Consumer Futurist


Amanda Stevens Interview Transcription



Stevo I would love nothing more than listeners having listened to this episode feeling re inspired about their marketing. Maybe we’ll give them a little bit of tough love. Maybe will also give them a little bit of direction as to what they could be doing better than is that deal?


Yeah absolutely.

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