Facebook Pages for Business Guide

Engaging customers on the worlds biggest social media platform.

Facebook has become a phenomenon hard to ignore. With more than 500 million user, and more page impressions per month than Google, as a business owner or marketer, you should be taking a serious look at Facebook as a means to connect and engage with your audience.

For my fellow Aussies, there are over 9 million registered Australian Facebook users (according to Facebook), that’s over 1/3 of our population. Facebook has arguably replaced television as a relaxation activity for many, with people collectively spending over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

Of course, I’m not suggesting EVERY business should be on Facebook. As with all marketing mediums, you need to place your message where your audience is.

Discover exactly how many people in your target audience are using Facebook

Before you go spending hours building a Facebook Page (or hiring an expensive agency to do so), find out if your target audience is actually using Facebook.

Feeling intimidated about getting your business on Facebook?

You’re not alone. Many businesses are hiring professionals to help them setup effective Facebook Pages. That’s because it can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. There are so many options to choose from, 100’s of additional applications available to install, and settings that can make or break a page.

This 32 page PDF guide is a simple step by step to setting up an effective customer engagement Page on Facebook.

How to Setup a Facebook Page for Your Business


What’s in the Guide?

Here’s the table of contents from the guide to tell you exactly what’s included.

Facebook Pages For Business Content

DIY or Outsource

This 32 page guide is literally a step by step tutorial. I walk you through the exact steps I use to create Facebook Pages for businesses, products and brands. You can either do it yourself, or give it to someone to do it for you.

UPDATED: We’ve updated the guide to include Facebook’s changes to dynamic page coding.

Cost: AU$19
Format: Digital download (PDF)

(That’s about 4.5 lattes depending on which city you’re in!)

NOTE: We’ve stopped selling this guide – keeping up with the Facebook Changes is a biatch and we wouldn’t want to sell you out of date info.


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