#130 How Flying Solo grew to a thriving 56,000+ member online community.

#130 How Flying Solo grew to a thriving 56,000+ member online community.

Robert Gerrish is the co-founder of Flying Solo, Australia’s largest online community of soloprenuers. Solo what? Soloprenuers … Those motivated and interesting individuals who choose to work alone. As far as online communities go, it was started back in 2005 and is a treasure trove of information to help anyone build a better small business.

Robert had the foresight to make contact with me two and a half years ago when the Small Business Big Marketing show was just getting off the ground, suggesting that a joint venture was in order. It certainly wasn’t Australia’s number one marketing podcast at that stage! That partnership still exists to this day and involves Flying Solo getting a mention in each episode and my show being shared amongst the Flying Solo community every week. Check Tim Reid ‘s profile on Flying Solo.

In fact, I could go as far as saying my career as a Marketing Speaker started at a Flying Solo Live event about three years ago.

Today, Flying Solo is 56,000 plus members strong and growing daily.

In this fireside chat, Robert shares:

  • Where the idea for Flying Solo came from.
  • How it was initially brought to market.
  • What keeps him awake at night.
  • Why he’s chosen to keep it focused on providing content for Australian soloprenuers only.
  • How they go about creating a constant Stan of compelling and useful content.
  • How they monetise the concept.
  • How they take the online idea offline.

This is a wonderful and inspiring story of how an idea to help micro business owners has grown in to a fully fledged business employing six people full time, and being the lifeblood of information for soloprenuers across Australia.

PLUS in this episode I share my thoughts around the new Small Business Big Marketing Forum via an email (see below) I recently receive from a long time listener and one of the founding members. I couldn’t have communicated it better myself what the Forum is and why I’ve chosen to open it up to motivated small business owners.

From my short lap around in here this is going to be awesome.
I understand what you tried to do with the Academy, right idea, maybe wrong timing & wrong platform.
But this!! Mate, you have nailed it.
The market has been crying out for a product like this where us time poor business owners can come to ask, vent, seek support & give it as freely with a bunch of like minded people under your trusted guidance.
I’ll bet you find the numbers come faster than you think & the members will do 90% of the hard yards for you.
Played right you will only have to hover & drop in when the nugget needs to be dropped in.
Thanks for having the stamina to keep trying till you got the concept right, for pricing it just right & having the courage to follow your dreams.
I wish you all the success you deserve with this, & yeah, you know I won’t hold back with my bit if I feel I can give something of value.
Cheers … 

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