Frank Greeff’s $180 million dollar roll of the dice | 655

Frank Greeff’s $180 million dollar roll of the dice | 655

Eleven years ago, Frank Greeff was a chef.  Ten years ago he started a business with his brothers in a completely unrelated industry. Last year he sold that business for 180 million dollars! But it’s what he risked to achieve that outcome that is truly breathtaking! It’s a not-for-the-faint-hearted episode 655 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about RealBase co-founder Frank Greeff …


Today’s special guest, Frank Greeff, used to be a chef who, with his two brothers ten years ago, started a business (from scratch) called RealBase, helping land rats, sorry I mean real estate agents with their marketing. It grew to 350 staff, turning over 35 million annually, and was then acquired by for $180 million last year. Frank, welcome … I have so many questions! Why don’t you start by giving us the one-minute Realbase pitch, and telling us how the idea came about.



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