Comfort zone danger, spell-check drama, existing clients are best plus marketing tips from Vietnam.

Comfort zone danger, spell-check drama, existing clients are best plus marketing tips from Vietnam.

It’s time for another round of Funny Business with Timbo and AG. This time:

  • Timbo shares a recent happening with a Scoopon experience.
  • We discuss those embarrassing moments when spell check lets you down.
  • We share some ideas about how to maximise business from an existing client.
  • AG suggests the comfort zone is a dangerous place to be for small business owners.

PLUS I’m just back from giving a marketing keynote in Vietnam (I do love being a marketing speaker!) and I share three marketing lessons from the crazy city of Saigon!

Oh, and I also share what’s happening inside the Small Business Big Marketing Forum.


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The marketing keynote I gave was similar to this one, although it went for an extra hour!

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Here’s where to join the Small Business Big Marketing Meetup group.

The Coca Cola Content Marketing video.


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