[Productivity Tool] PlaceIt is a great way to generate free mock-up images for your marketing

Today’s productivity tool to make your business a whole lot easier is PlaceIt.

This website provides literally thousands of professional quality images.

However, these images are a little bit different because they’re being processed in such a way that there’s a section of these images where you can take your logo, take a book cover or take a screenshot of your computer or your iPhone and you can place it within a professional quality image.

Go ahead and try it for yourself.

PlaceIt - Productivity Tool

It’s amazing what it can do. Go to Placeit.net

These images can then be purchased for a couple of dollars and then you can take these images and put them onto your website.


You can use them in social media. You can even download print quality versions as well that you can use in some of your physical marketing collateral.

So, go ahead and check it out PlaceIt. You’ll be glad you did.

And if you already use it, let me know how it’s going.

This guest post was kindly provided by Dale Beaumont of 52 Ways – one of the best one day workshops for business owners.



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