360 – A ridiculously simple idea brought tough-guy Glenn Azar back from the brink of bankruptcy.

360 – A ridiculously simple idea brought tough-guy Glenn Azar back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Today’s guest, Glenn Azar from the Adventure Professionals has some very harsh but fair advice for us all. He says, “We’re all trying to get to death as safely as possible!” So, if you’re a risk averse business owner, then I think you’re going to love the advice he has to share.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Glenn has taken years to become an overnight success – losing all his money and his marriage along the way.

He’s walked the Kokoda Trail more times than I’ve had hot breakfasts, and one of his daughters is the youngest Australian to ever successfully climb Everest.

He absolutely loves what he does, has a huge respect for the power of marketing … and strongly believes that we should all be taking more risks instead of making our way safely to death!

Glenn Azar

You’ll be that little bit better off for listening as Glenn shares:

  • How it took years to become an overnight success
  • An inspiring story of building a business he loves
  • Why risk-taking is mission critical to living a life you love
  • How he uses content marketing to grow his business
  • How Facebook Live is a game-changer
  • How his daughter’s book generates solid leads for his business
  • A simple way to rebuild if the shi* hits the fan


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Interview with ex soldier turned business owner Glenn Razor-Azar from Adventure Professionals

Posted by Tim Reid on Thursday, March 30, 2017



But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, you’ll also discover:

  • How to surprise and reward your loyal customers
  • How to build a website in less than 5-minutes
  • And we go deep into the archives revisiting a chat I had with expert copywriter Joanna Wiebe


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May your marketing be the best marketing.

Bye for now.

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