#121 From timber yard lackey to six figure business owner. Happy days!

#121 From timber yard lackey to six figure business owner. Happy days!

Four years ago (at age 22) George Ryan was working full time (55 hours a week) for a lumber yard, making $10/hour to provide for his wife and daughter, and had no sort of higher education. He decided he hated his job, and intentionally set out to start an internet company. Four years later, still with no sort of formal education, he now has a thriving business in Hatchwise and make six figures. On top of all that, Hatchwise has been featured in articles twice in Inc. Magazine over the past two years. Nice!


Also, if it’s of interest to you, here’s my list of questions I had prepared for my interview with George (I’ve had a few listeners as about how I prep sho here’s your chance to look over my shoulder ;0)


  1. You’ve an interesting background – at 22 with a wife and daughter you worked full-time in a lumberyard for $10 / hour – no higher education THEN intentionally set out to start an Internet company. Tell us about this journey.
  2. Tell us about that point when you decided “I’m outta here!”
  3. What do you feel when you reflect back on that time?
  4. What’s your advice for anyone trapped doing what they hate?


  1. Hatchwise operates in a crowded marketplace – Where did the idea for it come from?
  2. Can you wrap some numbers around it? Logos designed, designers, clients,  revenues, staff, pageviews, rankings.
  3. You’ve got some strong views on running a small business. What are they?
  4. You say you’ve never advertised BUT what marketing have you done to build Hatchwise?
  5. What role does outsourcing play? How do you do it?

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