Running a $200M heart-centered business with Rashay’s Rami Ykmour | #518

Running a $200M heart-centered business with Rashay’s Rami Ykmour | #518

How do you feel about running a heart centered business? Rami Yikmore’s 30 location restaurant empire and associated hospitality businesses are thriving during these COVID-infected times, and he puts it all down to his heart-centered business philosophy. It’s a slightly woo-woo episode 518 of The (11 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

A Big Episode 518

  • Hospitality guru Rami Ykmour shares his secrets sauce, actually secret sauces, to how he’s built a 30 location restaurant business, and have it thrive during these COVID-infected times thanks to some very clever pivots.
  • This week’s motivated listener has created a business they love thanks to some ideas picked up on recent episodes.
  • And I let you in on next week’s guest who’s successfully built a premium dog food brand from scratch!
    As per usual team, there’s marketing GOLD dripping from the ceiling over here at Small Business Big Marketing’s HQ … so let’s get stuck, right in!


A little more about Rashay’s Rami Ykmour

If you’re in the hospitality trade, then you’ve probably come across Rami Ykmour. If you’re not in hospitality, then you need to know about him.

On paper, Rami’s business achievements are impressive. With a combined annual turnover in excess of $200M, and 200,000 weekly customers, he and his wife Shannon, started Rashay’s … an Aussie restaurant chain with over 30 locations. 

He also runs Ruomky’s, a food manufacturing facility, a no-prep meal kit business called Oodee, and inspired by COVID-19, a modular customer protection business called Guest Guard that manufactures perspex guards for cafes and restaurants.

But what I really love about Rami is his passion for life. He’s ridiculously positive. He loves what he does. He cares deeply for his 1,200 staff. And he operates from the heart. 100% of the time.

Get ready to be moved into action, Team.

I started off by asking Rami why he does what he does.


Rami Ykmour Rashay's


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers

  1. I love his idea about needing to be constantly in tune with your customers’ needs. If you’re not doing this then get on to it now. Call 10 customers who have just dealt with you. Email your database with a survey. Just be sure to check in and see where they’re at … often!
  2. I love how Rami read the play so quickly back in March when COVID hit, instantly becoming a food delivery business. Not easy for a business of his size. But as he said “It’s all about being agile enough to make quick decisions.”
  3. And I love how people-focussed he is. Not just with his customers and staff, but even with his suppliers which as he said, gets him better prices, better products and better market intel.

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Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.



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