How to create an insanely helpful email series

I call today’s idea the Helpful Email Series.

One of the best ways you can differentiate from your competitors, grow your email list, and boost conversions is to show prospects that you’re willing to go out of your way to help them. A great way to do this is by offering a free email course that potential customers can stumble upon and subscribe to when they’re looking for answers to their questions. It’s also another great way to build loyalty and trust, because it gives you the opportunity to position yourself as someone who is genuinely committed to helping solve problems and provide solutions, and less as someone who is obsessed with trying to make a quick buck.

So, here’s my 3-steps to creating an insanely helpful email series:

  1. Decide on the topic of your course. Cut straight to the chase by having it focus on THE core question people have when shopping for something in your industry.
  2. Write the lessons for your email course – try to keep them to less than seven. Start with an introduction, then go deeper as the course progresses. End the course with a strong call to action that helps people understand what to do next.
  3. Create a drip campaign for your course using a tool like Mailchimp or Active Campaign, then promote it by sending an email, writing a blog post, creating a landing page, and sharing it with your social media followers.

Pro-Tip: Don’t over engineer it. Don’t feel like you have to write a mountain of words. Or record highly produced videos. Simply focus on making your content unbelievably helpful.

That’s my 3-steps to creating an insanely helpful email series.

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As always, you’ll find more marketing inspiration in my popular marketing text The Boomerang Effect.

So, what have you got to lose?


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