The rights to the Hollywood sign are owned by an Australian | #481

The rights to the Hollywood sign are owned by an Australian | #481

Recently in a cafe, I overheard someone say that an Australian bloke had secured the full licensing rights to the world-famous Hollywood sign. My first reaction? “How? Why?” My second reaction? “I have to interview him!” It’s a very Hollywood episode 481 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show thanks to American Express and digital marketing agency Yellow.



A little bit more about Hollywood sign license owner Shane Yeend …

Shane Yeend specialises in licensing ideas in order to make a whole lot of dough.

His company, Imagination Games, owns the licensing rights to the Battle of the Sexes, Deal or No Deal, 50 Shades of Grey amongst other well-known entities.

But where it gets really interesting is the fact that this Adelaide-born serial entrepreneur has secured the licensing rights to the world-famous Hollywood sign.

Like, how does that even happen?! Who’d he buy it off? Why’d they sell it? What did he pay for it? How’s he make money from it?

So many questions!!!

Fortunately, Shane agreed to join me from his Adelaide home just prior to heading back to his LA headquarters where he answered them all … and then some … including how he managed to find his way to the Playboy Mansion and Michael Jackson’s Neverland!

Now, as you’re about to find out, Shane is quite the story-teller … He starts the interview recounting how he came to owning the licensing rights to possibly the most famous sign in the world.



“I love taking a 360 degree view of a business and its needs in order to come up with the very best licensing opportunities.”
– Shane Yeend,


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Hollywood sign licensor Shane Yeend:

  1. I love the way Shane comes up with ideas by taking a full360-degree view of the business.
  2. I totally agree with his view that as business owners we need to fully and deeply understand our customers and what they need.
  3. I love Shane’s idea of creating a playbook that contains the best person for every job you need done in your business.


Shane Yeend Interview Transcription



Shane Yeend. Welcome to the small business big marketing show. 



How are you?



But I’m really good and I’m excited to speak to you. Because everyone that I have told that I’m speaking to this bloke from Adelaide who has bought the rights to the Hollywood sign gives me the same reaction. This is an audio program but the reaction is sort of like what how why. So maybe we can start with that Shane. How did you end up owning the trademark of the Hollywood sign?

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