How contactable are you?

Recently I’ve been trying to get in touch with the right person at one of those big social networks.

You know, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

I won’t say which one – it’s not important to the story.

And I want to stay friends with them all ;0)

Never burn a bridge I was once told.

My reason for wanting to make contact was because I’m keen to interview their leading small business marketing expert for The Small Business Big Marketing Show. Someone who could take you and I inside, behind-the-curtain and share how to make best use of their social media channel.

I even thought – maybe arrogantly – that they’d be all too keen – afterall, I’ve got an audience in the thousands of motivated small business owners in 110 countries who download this show weekly.

“Yeah, love to. When do you want to do it?” was the response I was hoping for.

Who was I kidding?!

Here’s what happened.

Now just a reminder that this is a BIG social network. Maybe not the one you’re thinking of, but a biggie nonetheless!

Firstly, I’m warmly introduced (via an email from an influential mate) to their local head honcho. I’m also given his mobile number.

I call him and leave a message telling him who I am and the fact that I’d love to have a fireside chat with him.

I also emailed him providing a link to my show and the reason for my approach.

He responded saying “He wasn’t the best person to chat to and advised he’d just been told that the best contact is They will be able to pass your request onto the most suitable contact.” No name, just a generic email address.

And we all know where those puppies go?!

So I did, I emailed the mysterious press @ email address!

Since then? Bagel. Nothing. Tumbleweeds. A big, fat silence.

Now, I get the fact that these guys are busy.

Inundated with interview requests … maybe?

But they’re also inundated with money.

Their coffers are big and I reckon they could afford to employ enough people to handle the demand that being popular creates.

Now this is not an isolated case – I hear stories of a lot of these social networks making it difficult to be contacted. Why? What happens when the gravy train slows and they need us?

My point is this.

I’m not here to bang on about how hard it is to contact the big guys.

I’m here to remind us all of the importance of being contactable and responsive.

No matter what your size, make it easy for people to contact you.

Have clear contact details on every page of your website. In your email signature. On your marketing collateral. Shout them from the nearest roof if need be!

And respond in a timely manner. Even it’s just a quick “Hey, got your email, I’ll be back to you shortly.”

Simple really.

By the way, feel free to email me at tim(at)smallbusinessbigmarketing(dot)com

I’d love to hear from you. And I’ll respond. Crazy, huh?!




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