How To Create An eBook In 3 Simple Steps

Today’s idea is focussed on how to create an eBook to help build trust with your prospects.

As a business owner, it’s probably safe to say that you possess a good amount of experience and knowledge on a particular subject, industry, or type of product.

You might be sharing your insight and expertise with other people on your team, in one-on-one conversations with customers, or in the blog posts that you publish on your website.  But have you ever thought about packaging your advice, stories, and tips into an ebook or other type of downloadable resource?

It’s a great and pretty easy way to start getting the word out about your business, leveraging yourself as an industry influencer, and adding more email addresses to your list.

how to create an ebook

So, here’s my 3-steps on how to create an eBook:

  1. Decide on the topic and title of your ebook. To pick a topic, think about the most common questions you get from customers, review the content you’ve previously published on your blog or elsewhere, and do some initial keyword research to see what’s ranking well around the topic you’ve chosen.
  2. Write an outline of your eBook … then write it! To keep it simple, consider a format based on say 9-points that answer a key question. For example, I might write a book titled 9 Secrets To Monetising Your Podcast – each chapter expanding on one point.
  3. When you have your content ready, build your ebook using PowerPoint or Keynote or Canva, or hire a freelancer to help.

Pro-Tip: Create an simple opt-in form to place on your website. You want to put this form up as soon as you can so that you can start promoting your eBook, and collecting email addresses from people who are interested in reading it. This is a great way to build your email database.

To get you started here’s some resources:

Canva (a great way to design anything)

How to turn your blog posts into an eBook

eBook designers on Fiverr (whilst many just design covers, just ask if they’ll do the internal pages as well)

If you’d like help implementing any of the simple marketing ideas I share, go ahead and join The Small Business Big Marketing Club – where I’ll personally support you on your marketing journey.

So … what have you got to lose?!



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