How To Create Awesome Infographics In 3 Simple Steps

I cleverly call today’s idea the Get an Infographic Now strategy.

An infographic is simply a visual representation of an idea, and they’re particularly powerful pieces of content for three reasons: They’re visual. They’re embeddable. And they’re highly shareable.

So, here’s my 3-steps on how to create an awesome infographic:

  1. Decide on the idea you’d like to bring to life visually. It may come from your most popular blog post, or video or podcast episode. Maybe you simply have an idea worth sharing that you’d love the world to know about. Just be mindful that your Infographic should tell a story, and include supporting stats and research.
  2. Create your Infographic using a tool like Piktochart or Infogram. Or you could hire a freelance designer, who depending on their level of experience, may be even cheaper than those tools.
  3. Once complete, promote the hell out of it! As I said, Infographics are highly shareable. Post it on all your social media channels, boost it on Facebook, email it to your clients and other influencers including relevant journalists both online and offline. Maybe even link to it in your email signature.

Pro-Tip: Don’t shirk on the design. Great looking Infographics that introduce solid ideas are amazing. So go that extra mile to ensure your looks visually incredible.

Here’s two great examples of compelling infographics:

How to beat jet lag that was created by a travel agent.

How to create an infographic

And this one titled Ron Burgundy’s Guide To Dressing for Success, was shared by Anchorman’s production company in the lead up to the film launch.

That’s my 3-steps on how to create an Infographic that rocks!


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