[Productivity Tool] Google Sites – A free and easy way to create and share webpages

Today’s productivity tool to make your life a whole lot easier is Google Sites, a brilliantly simple way to create and share free webpages.

Now, of course everyone knows Google and most people know Gmail and things like Google Drive and Google Calendar.

Google Sites is another product from Google that helps you to create a website.

It’s not a great product for creating a company website but, it is a great product for creating an internal website that is just for the people that work for you in your business.

What you can do is you can turn Google Sites into your own company intranet, making it one central place that stores all of the intellectual property from your business.

How to create free webpages

All of your checklists, procedures, training videos, any resources, any checklists that you have, all of your knowledge goes into one central place.

And because it uses Google’s advance search feature, all people have to do is search and they can find exactly what they are looking for instantly.


Here’s an example of a Google Site in action.

So, that’s this week’s productivity tool, it’s called Google Sites.

And if you already use it, let me know how it’s going and what you use it for.

This guest post was kindly provided by Dale Beaumont of 52 Ways – one of the best one day workshops for business owners.


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