Extremely personalised online marketing helps a 24 year-old vintage watch geek turn-over $2.3M per annum | #457

Extremely personalised online marketing helps a 24 year-old vintage watch geek turn-over $2.3M per annum | #457

If you think selling your product or service is hard, then try selling vintage watches worth thousands of dollars, sight unseen, online. Today’s guest does exactly that – in fact, last year he sold over $2.3M worth …  and in this revealing chat, he shares his secret sauce on exactly how he does it. Hint: It’s all about how to create extremely personalised online marketing ;0)


A little bit more about Christian Zeron …

In 2014 whilst studying Law, 19 year-old Christian Zeron started selling pre-owned watches from his college dorm room. Fast forward to 2019 and he’s turning over 2.3 million a year through Theo and Harris his luxury watch shop, and his website generates 1.3 million monthly page views using free traffic strategies.


Which raises sooooo many questions, like:

  • How do you sell high-priced watches sight unseen?
  • What’s the biggest sale he’s made online?
  • What marketing is he doing to generate that kind of traffic and revenue?
  • Why aren’t I generating $2.3M a year??!!

So strap in as Christian answers all these questions (except the last one!) plus more.



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with vintage watch geek Christian Zeron:

  1. I love how he’s disrupted a stayed old industry simply by being willing to share his opinions.
  2. I love what he calls his “secret recipe to creating effective marketing” and that’s his extremely personal online presence. He has a great knack for finding anecdotes that support his watches. I’ll link to a couple of videos in the show notes.
  3. “Everyone needs an enemy to keep them motivated.”


Christian Zeron Interview Transcription

My big watch question right up front Christian why when you see a watch presented in
marketing are the hands always at ten past ten?

You know what it’s become such an industry standard at this point. It’s like standard of
care like in medicine it’s what you do. If you don’t do it you get grilled for it.

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  • Dean Myer from quality tree management business … TreeFX


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