How to get your business videos seen with Sonic Sight’s Geoff Anderson | #473

How to get your business videos seen with Sonic Sight’s Geoff Anderson | #473

Are you one of those business owners who’s made a video for your business, put it on your website and then wondered what else to do with it? Excellent! Then wonder no more, as today’s guest, video marketing expert Geoff Anderson,  has 30 ideas to make sure your video gets seen by as many of the right peeps as possible.


A little bit more about video marketing expert and founder of Sonic Sight Geoff Anderson …

Righto, hands up if you’ve ever produced a video for your business.

Excellent. Well done to you.

Now, keep your hand up if you’ve posted that video somewhere on your website then wondered why it’s not getting the views or engagement you’d hoped for.

Just what I expected … 95% of hands remained up.

Well, herein lies the problem. You finally find the courage to appear in a video for your precious business, you invest precious time and money into having it produced (or you may have shot it yourself), but then all you do is post it on your website hoping it’ll magically take care of itself.

Well, as you’ve discovered … it won’t! But that’s all about to change thanks to video marketing expert Geoff Anderson of Sonic Sight who’s been producing marketing videos for businesses and schools since 1993. He’s even written two books on the topic – Shoot Me Now and Watch Me Now.

You’re going to need a notebook for this one … in the first half we talk about some tips and tricks to optimising your video production, then in the second half, Geoff shares 30 ways to get every video you produce … seen.

Pens at the ready …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with video marketing expert Geoff Anderson:

  1. I love how Geoff’s gone about marketing his own business. We didn’t spend a lot of time talking about this, but just the fact that he’s written two books on video marketing for business positions him as an expert in his niche. Another past guest who’s done this is Darren Finkelstein.
  2. I love Geoff’s advice around “starting strong and smart.” this isn’t dissimilar to the advice I received from past guest Richard Stubbs, who was very big on always leading with your best content. The bottomline here is to avoid long, rambling starts and cut straight to what;’s important to the viewer/listener/reader.
  3. I love Geoff’s advice around frequency. Always remember to breathe life back into the videos you create. Sharing them once on social media just won’t cut it.


There has never been a better time to use video production to reach your audience. Professional corporate videos attract attention, engage the audience, build trust, and convert.
Geoff Anderson,
Sonic Sight


Geoff Anderson Interview Transcription


Geoff Anderson welcome to the small business big marketing show. 


Thank you for having me Timbo. I’ve been listening to your show for years. I’m very excited to be on it. 


You’re the one out there listening hey Geoff let’s start off. I want to just talk about why video. What do you love about video as a marketing medium? 

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