3-Steps To Getting Your Emails Opened By The Right People

Today’s idea is what I call my Email-Later Hack.

It’s an idea laser-focussed on getting your emails opened by the right people.

As you build your business network, it’s important to connect with the right people. The problem is, the right people who can often help you the most, also happen to be the ones who have the busiest schedules. As a result, phone calls and emails can go unanswered, which can be frustrating to say the least.

So, if you’ve been having a hard time getting hold of important people lately, try scheduling your emails to be delivered at a time when you know the people you’re trying to reach aren’t as busy. I call this the the old Email-Later Hack.

How to get emails opened

So, here’s my 3-steps to making it work (based on the assumption that your email service provider is Gmail):

  1. Go ahead and install Boomerang, a simple free plugin that enables you to take control of when you send & receive emails.
  2. Schedule a test email to send to one of your other email addresses. This is to make sure Boomerang is working properly before creating a send-later campaign for the heavy-hitters you’re keen to get a hold of.
  3. If the test email you sent was delivered successfully, then it’s time to create send-later campaigns for the people you want to get a hold of.

Pro-Tip: Really consider the best times to schedule these emails. They may well differ for each person, although I find a good time is early morning, as my email will be near the top of the person’s inbox when they start their day. Oh, and be sure it includes an outrageously  good headline

And here’s a headline analyzer tool to help you write effective email subject headlines.

If you’d like help implementing any of the simple marketing ideas I share, go ahead and join The Small Business Big Marketing Club – where I’ll personally support you on your marketing journey.

So … what have you got to lose?!



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