How to make a boring service interesting with Sendle founder James Chin-Moody | #459

How to make a boring service interesting with Sendle founder James Chin-Moody | #459

There are some businesses I wished I’d created. Sendle is one of them. It’s disruptive, fun to use, and solves a painful problem us small business owners have. Today we meet founder James Chin-Moody who tells us how he’s done it.


A little bit more about Sendle co-founder James Chin-Moody …

For the past couple of decades, Sendle founder James Chin-Moody has had an impressive career in anything but small business, working for the United Nations, the CSIRO, even the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

For eight years he was a judge on ABC TV’s The New Inventors show.

Then finally, just a few short years ago, he saw the light and started a micro business that would soon become Sendle … an online-based parcel delivery service that is taking on the monopolistic Goliath that is Australia Post.

Sendle has already been voted Australia’s Best Courier service 2-years in a row, and employs over 100 staff and has experienced 40 months straight of 15% growth.

Now full disclosure … I love Sendle. I have no financial interest in it, but I love it.

I love what it stands for, what it does, its user interface, the fact that it’s hugely reduced the price of sending a parcel to anywhere in the world, and the time it takes, and the fact that it’s disrupting a staid old business in Aussie Post.

So please excuse my embarrassing fan-boyishness that I display throughout this chat.


In this wide-ranging interview James Chin-Moody shares:

  • Where the idea for Sendle came from
  • How he got Sendle to market
  • What Australia Post’s reaction has been
  • Why “Hell yeah” is his major decision criteria
  • Why focusing on few marketing channels is best
  • How focus speeds things up
  • How he’s created a simple, reliable, affordable solution for sending parcels
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Sendle’s James Chin-Moody:

  1. I love how James uses extreme examples to get the point across of how good Sendle eg. We can deliver a packet of Tim Tams to Everest Base Camp for just $10!” or “We’ve delivered 4 light hours of parcels so far!” What’s an extreme way you could describe the effectiveness of your business?
  2. I love how the Sendle team’s decision-making process is either a Yes, No or Hell Yeah!
  3. And I love how they’re constantly asking “How can we make sending a parcel less of a chore and more of a joy?” In order to optimise their customer’s experience.
  4. Choose fewer marketing channels and be really good at them.


“We’ve delivered four light years of parcels or thirty times to the sun and back!”
– James Chin-Moody,


James Chin-Moody Interview Transcription



James Chin-Moody. Welcome to the small business big marketing show.



Thanks for having me Tim.



I’m going to be a little bit of a fan boy. So you’ll have to excuse that right up front. I love the Sendle brand.

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