How to make your brand a household name with Ben Goodfellow of Tradie Underwear | #455

How to make your brand a household name with Ben Goodfellow of Tradie Underwear | #455

Imagine cracking the marketing code to the point where your brand became a household name. That’s exactly what Ben Goodfellow, the founder of the now iconic Tradie underwear brand has done. And in this revealing chat, he shares exactly how he’s done it.


A little bit more about Ben Goodfellow …

I’ve admired from afar the way Ben Goodfellow so quickly made the Tradie underwear brand a household name in Australia. Ben loves brands. In fact, from a very early age, when other kids were swapping footy cards, Ben would sit at the kitchen table with his old man and talk branding! Well, it’s paid off as he’s now responsible for the iconic Tradie underwear brand that next year will be turning over in excess of $100M! So grab a pen and paper as Ben reveals exactly how’s he’s gone about creating a household name from scratch.


In this wide-ranging interview Tradie founder Ben Goodfellow shares:

  • Why he loves brand-building
  • How to build a strong brand
  • How to turn a brand into a household name
  • What marketing he used to get the Tradie name out there
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Tradie founder Ben Goodfellow:

  1. I like Ben’s passionate definition of a brand being a tribal attachment … where you create something so powerful in the minds of your customers that they want to go to the pub and talk about it.
  2. I love how Ben treats every one of his products as a billboard.
  3. I think it was a genius move to have a whole lot of buses branded with Tradie’s posters passing Big W’s HQ on a daily basis.


Ben Goodfellow Interview Transcription



Ben Goodfellow from Tradie welcome to the small business big marketing show. Ben you seriously sound like you’ve got the man flu mate. Is it the man flu?


Oh, I wouldn’t have come to work today if it wasn’t for the interview with you. It’s a good case of man flu I’ll make sure all my staff are very aware of that fact. I was looking for sympathy.

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