How to make your business appear more human

If you’d like your prospects and customers to make a bigger effort to interact with you and your business, then consider the following points to help make your business more human.

I call today’s idea the Humanising Business hack, and it’s all about making your business appear more human to your audience.

Have you ever heard the saying “People buy from people?” Never a truer word spoken, methinks! Think about your own shopping habits – do you find yourself gravitating towards that happy shop attendant, or that website that has a human face to it.

I’m shocked at just how many businesses (especially service-based businesses) avoid the human connection. Walking into a department store and it’s not easy getting assistance. Visit a business website and it’s not uncommon for there to be no mention of the people who work there, much less a photo or video of them.

Why is that when creating an emotional connection between you and your prospect can increase the chance of sale by multiples?

So, here’s my 3-steps to my Humanising Business hack:

  1. Audit all the places in your business where you can add a human touch – your website, social media channels, in-store, your email signature.
  2. For each of these places, brainstorm clever, shareable ways to be more human – to do this, consider asking a killer question like “What would Walt Disney do?”
  3. Implement your ideas. Don’t question them. Don’t judge them. Just implement them.

Pro-Tip: This is not a one-off exercise. Make it a key part of your on-going marketing strategy to attract and retain more customers. Doing so will not only humanise your business, but set you apart from your non-human competition.

That’s my 3-steps to my Humanising Business hack.

To help you bring this low-cost marketing idea to life, here’s some additional resources:

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The Outer Sanctum podcast – I love the bios of the hosts

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As always, you’ll find more marketing inspiration in my popular marketing text The Boomerang Effect.

So, what have you got to lose?



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