220 – How to market a product no-one thinks they need with Bart Atherinos from Innie.

220 – How to market a product no-one thinks they need with Bart Atherinos from Innie.

Marketing can be tough at the best of times. So imagine marketing a product that thinks they need. And in fact, that they don’t even know they have a need for. That’s is the challenge faced by today’s guest – Bart Atherinos from Innie – a clever little device to stop all those hipsters from tripping over their shoe laces. #FirstWorldProblem ;0)

Bart contacted me early last year telling me about a crowdfunding campaign he’d started on Kickstarter, and asking to be interviewed on the show. Good on him. Following him up a few month’s later I asked how the campaign went. Here’s his response.

Hi Tim,

We launched in June 2014 after a successful Kickstarter launch.
We’ve since stocked in a national retailer, with another one to stock mid November so things are going well.
In negotiations with various international distributers also, so we expect to be stocked internationally early next year.
Has been tricky for us tho, as not only are we trying to market the product and brand on a shoestring budget, we’re also having to educate people on what the product is as there’s nothing like it on the market.
We’re confident in solid growth once we establish some major distributors and start marketing/educating at a grass roots level such as being at events and festivals that our target market attend.


Bart Atherinos
Founder, Coffee Addict,
Snowboarding Fanatic

Pretty successful little effort, so far, huh?!

Plus in this episode I tackle a listener question about what books I’m reading.

Let’s get stuck right into episode 220 of Australia’s #1 marketing show. Go!

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