Bringing 5-star restaurant service to a wholesale business with City Larder’s Robbie Bell | #462

Bringing 5-star restaurant service to a wholesale business with City Larder’s Robbie Bell | #462

City Larder’s Robbie Bell has worked in some pretty famous kitchens around the world. Now he’s started his own business as a Charkuhturer. You know what that is, right?! And he treats his wholesales as if they were guests in a 5-star restaurant.


A little bit more about City Larder’s Robbie Bell

After completing his apprenticeship as a young chef in England, Robbie Bell spent the first years of his career working for a Michelin-starred chef, and has gone on to hone his skills at some pretty fancy establishments around the world.

Then in 2015, seeing a gap in the market for high-end shar-ku-tuh-ree and wanting to put his core skills to good use, Robbie and his wife started the City Larder which now supplies over 180 stockists across Australia with high-end pates and terrines.

Robbie also hosts his own podcast – Cooking the Books – which is in its third season.

You’ll love Robbie. He’s larger than life and has some solid views on how to build a business you love, and even stronger views on buying local (something I’m particularly passionate about).



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with City Larder’s Robbie Bell:

  1. I love the fact that he works for his staff, even to the point that he’s helping one of his young blokes start his own business.
    What are you doing for your staff?
  2. I love the fact that he’s bringing a 5-star restaurant mentality to a wholesale business.
  3. And I love his view that we should be more interested in supporting our local community than in the next pair of expensive shoes we buy.


Robbie Bell Interview Transcription


Robbie Bell. Welcome to the small business show.


Thanks for having me.


Mate, you’ve worked in some pretty serious and well-known kitchens around the world what have you learned about pressure from cooking in some of the world’s best kitchens?

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“Be more interested in your community and not in buying a new pair of shoes!”
– Robbie Bell,
City Larder


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