The key steps to opening a successful cafe in 2023 with Padre Coffee founder Marinus Jansen | #632

The key steps to opening a successful cafe in 2023 with Padre Coffee founder Marinus Jansen | #632

Have you ever thought “Stuff it! I’m going to open up a cafe. I love coffee, I love people and I’m looking for an easy lifestyle business?” Come on, who hasn’t at some point thought that or something similar? Well, let’s find out how easy that really is from a fellow who’s created and sold one of Australia’s leading bespoke coffee brands, and along the way successfully opened (from scratch) eight cafes. It’s a fully-caffeinated episode 632 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast. 



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A little more about Padre Coffee founder Marinus Jansen…

Marinus Jansen loves the coffee life.

So much so that he escaped his corporate cubicle in 2006 to start The Appetite Food Store.

Discovering he had a knack for this hospitality thing, he fell in love with coffee roasting, and the cafe business in general, opening up seven more cafes over the next 12 years, the majority of them falling under the now famous Padre Coffee brand which he recently sold for an undisclosed large sum! (Good on him, I say!)

At the time of sale, Padre had three cafes and a roastery in Melbourne (Australia’s coffee capital), and a roastery and cafe in Noosa, Australia’s leading holiday destination.

He employed 65 staff, had 250 wholesale customers accounting for 40% of his $14 million annual revenue.

So pour yourself a long black, and sit back as Marinus takes us through the steps required to successfully open and run a cafe in 2023 and beyond. 

I started off by sharing with this coffee savant my preferred coffee order …



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