#43 How To Podcast

#43 How To Podcast

Luke's BunkerThe title of this episode may be slightly misleading …  a more correct title would we HOW WE PODCAST! There’s sure to be a difference! We’d never profess to following world’s best practice when it comes to doing something, but what we do works for us so we thought we’d share it. In fact, in the research we undertook with our listeners last month, the topic of podcasting showed up as being something many small business owners wanted to learn more about. And why not…Podcasting continues to be an untapped marketing channel. So untapped that spell-check still underlines it!

So, in this episode of Small Business Big Marketing, we take an in-depth look at how and why we podcast. Leaving no stone unturned, we share with you why we do it, the hardware and software we use, how to get intros and outros made, how to set up a website for your podcast plus a whole lot more podcasting tips and tricks.

Plus (yes there’s more) we talk about the hidden power of auto-responders and how they can turbo-charge your list-building efforts AND we welcome Chip Richards back (a previous guest from episode 21) who makes a very special listener offer for those wanting to find your true passion in business

Now that, friends, is a seriously chock-a-block show. But that’s what we do around here at Small Business Big Marketing.

Still want more? Then take a squiz at the Small Business Big Marketing Academy. Or maybe you’d like us to do a show 100% dedicated and laser-focused on your business. Check out our Spotlight.

Small Business Big Marketing – Links & Resources

Moving Mountains – Chip’s amazing course

Garage Band – Apple’s editing software

Audacity – Free editing software

Samsun Mic Co3U – Lukee’s baby

Skype Call Recorder – Records your conversations on Skype (it’s what we did this current episode in)

Levelator – Ensures all your levels are the same

How to Make Websites – Lukeee’s gift to you…our treasured listener

Podpress – A WordPress plug-in that makes the podcaster’s life easy

Amazon S3 – Where to host your episodes

Mechanical Turk – Get stuff done (for our American listeners only)


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