The secret to building Australia’s largest personal training business with Fitness Enhancement’s Scott Hunt | #474

The secret to building Australia’s largest personal training business with Fitness Enhancement’s Scott Hunt | #474

One of Australia’s leading mobile personal trainers joins us to share how he’s building a fitness empire that’s already servicing over 2,000 suburbs across Australia.


A little bit more about Fitness Enhancement’s Scott Hunt …

In 1999, with just $400 in his pocket and a dream to make an impact on the Australian personal training scene, 19 year old Scott Hunt started Fitness Enhancement Personal Training. Today it’s the largest mobile personal training business in Australia servicing over 2,000 suburbs, and it was just recognised in the top 5 PT businesses in Australia (and number 1 in Queensland) by the industry’s governing body.


Scott joined me in my Noosa studio where he shares:

  • The secrets to his business’s success
  • What frustrates him about his poorly regulated industry and what he’s doing about it
  • How he’s attracting only A-Players into the business
  • Along with some of his most effective marketing strategies



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Fitness Enhancement’s Scott Hunt:

  1. I love Scott’s view on the importance of maintaining quality customer service, no matter how many employees or franchisees you may have.
  2. I love the fact that Scott has put together in depth training courses that include exams for all new franchisees.
  3. I love Scott’s focus on first and foremost chasing repeat business as opposed to the constant hunt for new clients.


We’re heavily focussed on maintaining strong customer service … growth and expansion as well .. but we have a real focus on keeping and maintaining that quality of service.
Scott Hunt,
Fitness Enhancement


Scott Hunt Interview Transcription


Scott Hunt. Welcome to the small business big marketing show finally. 


Thanks, Tim. 


Lovely to have you here mate. Now personal trainer tell us about the most interesting session with a client that you’ve ever had and don’t hold back?

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