Male stripper Sam Priestley & wife Hannah are working hard (and smart) to corner the Australian Hen’s Party market | #445

Male stripper Sam Priestley & wife Hannah are working hard (and smart) to corner the Australian Hen’s Party market | #445

Sam Priestley makes a living by dressing up as a fireman then taking his clothes off in front of women. Yes, he’s a stripper! Hannah Priestley, Sam’s wife, runs the business. And it’s a very successful business at that. So much so that Sam works just one day per week, and they both earn far more than they ever did in their previous full time jobs. Oh … and Sam’s character name? Fireman Sam, of course!!


Sam & Hannah also share:

  • Where’s the idea for men On Fire come from?
  • How Hannah feels about her husband being a male stripper
  • How they managed to replace their full-time employment income in just 6-months
  • How they make prospects feel comfortable about enquiring for their services
  • How Google Adwords sky-rocketed their business
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Men On Fire’s Sam & Hannah Priestley:

  1. I love the fact that Sam and Hannah communicate constantly and clearly to one another.
  2. I love how they’ve taken a good look at their competitors, identified what’s being done poorly and gone about addressing it in their own business.
  3. And I love clarity they have around who does what in the business.  


Sam and Hannah Priestly Interview Transcription



I started by asking Sam to share his most interesting hen’s party moment.



There is one with a younger crowd. One with an older crowd. The most interesting and funny. Something to do with the younger crowd. The party was at midday which is normally very pretty tame kind of timeslot. We didn’t really go in expecting very much at all to be a nice easy way to start the day. About 30 minutes into it the bride was pouring food or cocktails into her shoe and proceeded to wear shoes all afternoon She did just that and I offered her I said to wipe it out before you put it back on. She said no. She had about 12 hours of partying with wet shoe. The other one. It’s pretty wild as it was 40 ladies are now all over the age of 50 and yet some of the things that they were saying I won’t repeat.

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