Stuck On The AI Treadmill? How To Put AI To Work In Your Business | 653

Stuck On The AI Treadmill? How To Put AI To Work In Your Business | 653

Can you believe it’s not even a year since ChatGPT entered our collective consciousness, making AI part of everyday speak?! “How did we ever live without it?” some are saying. Whilst others are openly cursing it. Love it or hate it, AI (in all its forms) is here to stay, so best us business owners do our best to wrap our heads around it. It’s another artificially intelligent episode 653 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


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Righto, well as you’re probably experiencing yourself, AI continues to be the talk of the town.

You only have to visit any social media platform to see friends and colleagues boast about what they’re achieving thanks to their new found best artificial friend, the amazing images they’ve created and the crazy amount of time they’re saving by using the likes of ChatGPT.

There’s no doubt AI is saving us all a bunch of time, and enabling us to get shit done that we never dreamed possible.

But are you getting stuck on the AI treadmill?

Or are you being super smart in the way you’re using it?

Well today, myself and past guest (from episode 630) Troy Dean of Agency Mavericks continue the AI discussion. We discuss:

  • How smart business owners are using AI.
  • The interplay between human and machine, and the importance of being a good prompter!
  • I share the results of a research study I did amongst my Facebook Tribe and LinkedIN followers, who revealed how they’re benetting from AI
  • And we talk about how to get started with AI if you haven’t already.

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Links Mentioned


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Google Duet – An always-on AI collaborator that provides help to users of all skill levels where they need it.

Opus – Turns long videos into high-quality viral clips

Product Hunt – From poetry writing to tackling tedious tasks, AI apps can automate almost anything



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