How to start an eCommerce business and turn-over $1.8M in your first 10-months with Power Planter’s Brian Chapman | #SBBM 376

How to start an eCommerce business and turn-over $1.8M in your first 10-months with Power Planter’s Brian Chapman | #SBBM 376

How to start an eCommerce business and turn-over $1.8M in your first 10-months | How to use video to collaborate | Secrets to conducting a memorable podcast interview | A blogging strategy to make you look good | And plenty more on your favourite marketing podcast.

Imagine finding a product you absolutely love and turning it into your own successful eCommerce business.

Photographer (and part-time Gardener) Brian Chapman bought 20,000 seedlings for his rural property. He then realised the idea of digging 20,000 holes wasn’t that appealing.

A quick Google search uncovered the Power Planter – a product only available out of America. Not for long … Brian’s now the local distributor, and has sold $1.8 million worth of this genius little invention in his first 10-months.

Oh, and Brian’s no longer a Photographer!

Brian Chapman, is the Australian distributor for the Power Planter, a simple tool that attaches to your drill and makes it ridiculously easy to dig holes in the ground.

Up until 12-months ago, Brian was making a nice living as a professional photographer, but felt a little unsatisfied. Also a keen gardener living on a beautiful property just outside of Sydney, he’d created a rather large problem (which you’ll hear about shortly) for which Power Planter (only available out of North America at the time) turned out to be the ideal solution.

The rest is history as Brian secured the licence to it, and has sold a whopping $1.8 million worth in his first 10-months of business!

We cover so much marketing and business ground including:

  • How to start an eCommerce business
  • How Brian attained the local distribution rights
  • The importance of listening to your instinct
  • The key to starting a successful online business
  • How Brian’s created a brand personality for Power Planter’s marketing
  • And that’s just in the first 5-minutes!


But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode you’ll also discover:

  • Resident techspert Dale Beaumont from 52 Ways shows us how to collaborate with our teams via video
  • I’ll show you a blog post strategy that will make you look good … real good!
  • I respond to some great follow-up questions from a listener who loved the recent episode I did on podcasting
  • And we go back into The Small Business Big Marketing Show’s vault, revisiting a chat I had with a fellow who has proven we can all do good by doing good


Here’s what caught my attention from chatting with Brian Chapman of Power Planter:

  1. I loved how he talked about the creative spirit … and that not always having the solution upfront, is not a reason to not move forward with an idea. Brian (along with many of the successful people I chat with on this show) was all about progress not perfection. “Make a mistake, then adjust and learn” seemed to be his mantra.
  2. Adapt your personality to who you’re selling to. I might have challenged Brian on this one, but it does make sense. Whilst I try to be me no matter what the situation, I certainly amp things up when I’m doing this show or presenting at a conference. I’ve included a link in the shownotes to a post detailing the 12 brand personalities Brian mentioned.
  3. Create a video that tackles the primary problem your business solves, then post it to your Home page, YouTube channel, maybe even include it in your email signature. I’ve also included a link in the shownotes to the website Brian mentioned where you can hire actors to appear in your marketing videos if you don’t’ want to!


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If some thing in this episode of Australia’s favourite marketing podcast peaked your interest, then let me know. Leave your thoughts below.

May your marketing be the best marketing.

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