How a podcast contributed to 10X growth for a small solar energy business | #458

How a podcast contributed to 10X growth for a small solar energy business | #458

I’m kind of surprised more business owners don’t podcast. I mean, bang for buck, podcasting delivers such amazing returns. Well today’s guest, Nigel Morris of small business Solar Analytics and the Solar Insiders podcast says podcasting is instrumental to his business’s success.


A little bit more about Nigel Morris …

Today’s special guest I met on a road show I’m currently speaking on for a business called Supply Partners. A big thanks to owner Lliam Rickets for introducing me to Nigel Morris who is the business manager at Solar Analytics, a software business that helps you monitor your solar panels’ efficiency.

That, in itself, isn’t that exciting. Where it does get exciting is that Nigel is the co-host of a solar energy podcast called Solar Insiders that has been a major contributor to a 10X growth in the business.

Now, if you’re a long time listener, you’ll know my thoughts around podcasting for small business. It’s a highly effective medium that, when done well, can build your business and personal brand at a fraction of the cost you may be spending on other marketing channels. Not to mention … it’s fun!

So instead of me rattling on about it, let’s hear from someone else involved in a small business (just like you), who’s smashing podcasting out of the park.


If you’re tossing around the idea of producing a podcast for your business then you’ll love this chat as we cover:

  • Why Nigel chose podcasting as a major marketing channel.
  • What he loves about podcasting
  • How podcasting has contributed to a 10X growth for Solar Analytics
  • What software and hardware he uses
  • Where he gets ideas for each episode
  • How he puts together an episode
  • How he markets his show
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with fellow podcaster and business manager Nigel Morris:

  1. I love how he’s created a simple format for each episode that covers five key areas to talk about.
  2. I love the way he constantly has his ‘content radar’ on, and captures his ideas on to his smartphone.
  3. I love how he’s leveraging all his other marketing channels such as emails, merchandise, brochures and so on to promote the Solar Insiders podcast.


Nigel Morris Interview Transcription



I started off by asking Nigel to explain exactly what the solar analytics business does and a little tip here. He nails his elevator pitch beautifully.



Sure. What we do is we help people save more money by optimizing their solar and understanding how they use energy in the home. Pretty much it in a nutshell. We do it through the installation of a little device that allows them to measure energy in the home. And then we apply a whole bunch of really nerdy artificial intelligence and machine learning and run all sorts of clever algorithms over that information that we collect and then displayed in a really simple way on any device a phone an app a computer anything they want to be able to understand to demystify how they’re using energy and make sure their solar is working as well as it possibly can.

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