How to write a book and grow your business in 2023 with best-selling author Kim McCosker | #635

How to write a book and grow your business in 2023 with best-selling author Kim McCosker | #635

Do you love the idea of self-publishing a book for your business in 2023? Then imagine this scenario. You and your biggest competitor are standing in front of a prospect. Your competitor gingerly hands over their business card.  You proudly hand over your book. No prizes for guessing who’s built instant trust? If you love the idea of having a book to promote you and your business then listen up as today’s guest has written 42 of them, and sold nine million copies. It’s a self-publishing episode 635 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



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A little more about 4 Ingredients founder Kim McCosker …

If you’re a long time listener then you’ll have heard me say multiple times that a book is a business card on steroids.

It positions you as an expert, it’s a wonderful way to get that mountain of knowledge you’re standing on out of your head and on to paper, plus it builds trust and credibility with your prospects and customers.

I’ve experienced this myself with my own book The Boomerang Effect. Whilst the sale of some 7,500 copies didn’t make me rich, it’s been responsible for getting me well over one hundred keynote speaking gigs over the years. Books can be such an amazing marketing channel.

And if you have any limiting beliefs around becoming an author please put them aside for the duration of this chat with today’s special guest.

Her name is Kim McCosker, she’s the founder of 4 Ingredients and the creator of tens of thousands of recipes, all with four ingredients or less. She’s also the author of 42 self-published cookbooks of which she has sold over nine million copies. 

Off the back of her self-publishing success, she’s got an eCommerce store, a beautifully shot YouTube channel (don’t watch it if you’re hungry!), and she’s just released The Easiest Cooking Show Ever on Foxtel.

So pen and paper at the ready folks as Kim takes us inside the world of self-publishing. I started off by asking her what made her think the world needed another cookbook!





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