How using a spokesperson in their marketing has proved invaluable for Terrain Tamer 4WD | #403

How using a spokesperson in their marketing has proved invaluable for Terrain Tamer 4WD | #403

Using a spokesperson in your marketing is a great idea if you don’t want to be in front of the camera or behind the microphone (which BTW many business owners don’t). In fact, this marketing strategy has worked so well for Terrain Tamer 4WD that they now have three spokespeople appearing in a series of very helpful videos aimed at helping their customers make a more informed purchase decision. Plus I’ll give you good reason to ignore those spammy emails selling cheap SEO services. And listener James Rae shares with us a very personal story that has a very happy ending.


“I have a theory in our marketing which is ‘It must not be vanilla’. So we can all sit back and not take a risk. Or we can stick our neck out and try something different … and get noticed as a result.”

– Brent Hutchinson,
Terrain Tamer 4WD

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If you have questions about using a spokesperson in your business’s marketing, then you’ll get this answers in this interview, including:

  • What is a spokesperson?
  • Why should I use a spokesperson in my marketing?
  • How do I choose a spokesperson?
  • How much should I pay a spokesperson?
  • What if my spokesperson says something negative about my business?
  • What if my spokesperson gets into trouble?
  • And plenty more …

Brent Hutchinson is part of the 49 year-old family-owned business Terrain Tamer 4WD. It employs 135 staff, and recently opened their fourteenth brand in PNG. Brent originally appeared on this show way back in episode 70 where he was having great success producing DVDs for insertion in to a national 4WD magazine. Now he’s back to share how using a spokesperson in their marketing has been a great decision on so many levels.

Here’s a video fronted by Allan:

And here’s a video fronted by Jillaroo Jess:

Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Terrain Tamer 4WD’s Brent Hutchinson:

  1. I love the line “Terrain Tamer Strong.” It’s so emotive.
  2. “Don’t be vanilla in your marketing.” What a great philosophy. More business owners should adopt it. Now!
  3. “Is your marketing strategy for the next 5 minutes or the next 5 years?” Too many business owners are thinking way too short term.
  4. Avoid advertorial. “Tell, don’t sell.”
  5. The handwritten letter to his stockists was a simple, genius move to get their attention, and show they genuinely care.

But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode you’ll also discover:

  • Listener James Rae shares a very personal story with a very happy ending
  • Dave Jenyns (Melbourne SEO Services) and I will tell you how we feel about the mountain of spammy email offering cheap SEO solutions

Resources mentioned:

Brent Hutchinson’s Interview Transcription


So, Brent Hutchinson Welcome back to the small business big marketing show.


Thanks Tim. Appreciate it. Good to be back.


Episode 17, now we’re around episode 400 and something so I’m guessing you’ve got a fair bit to tell us. But before we get stuck in to the kind of marketing that you guys are doing, there’s a lot of four-wheel drives on the road these days and I’m guessing most don’t find their way off the road. Do you get a laugh from that?

Read more

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