How your business can benefit from having a pop-up store | #508

How your business can benefit from having a pop-up store | #508

Ever wondered how your business can benefit from having a pop up store? Pop-up store expert Michelle Young, chats with Tim Reid about the key factors that make for a successful pop-up store, which businesses are best suited to pop-ups and what the future of retail looks like. If you think pop-up stores are best suited to fashion, cosmetic and phone-accessory retailers, then think again. Pop-up store expert, Michelle Young, may just change your thinking, and before you know it, you may be selling your product or service in the middle of a large shopping centre! It’s a challenge-everything episode 508 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little bit more about Pop-Up Cosmetic’s Michelle Young

Michelle Young is the founder of two businesses in the cosmetics industry. The Cosmetic Department is a wholesale business she launched 14 years ago in response to the crazy high prices women pay for cosmetics in Australia. And Pop-Up Cosmetics is the retail-extension of her wholesale business that takes out short-term shopping centre leases and sells cosmetics at up to 85% off regular retail prices. We cover plenty of ground in this chat, from how Michelle has built her pop-up empire, to the future of retailing, to business-owner mindset, and most importantly, I think you’ll find Michelle’s view on what types of businesses pop-ups are suited to very interesting indeed. Given I actually recorded this interview in the middle of the pandemic, so I started off by asking Michelle how her business had been affected, and what she’d done about it.


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from Timbo’s chat with Pop-Up Cosmetic’s Michelle Young …


  1. “First impressions count.”
  2. Create buzz in your business. Michelle did it via a spinning wheel.
    What can you do?
  3. I love Michelle’s belief that pop-ups are suited to many types of businesses. I’ve actually got a discussion going in our Facebook group (The Small Business Big Marketing Tribe) asking Members how they could utilise a pop-up strategy. Just search Small Business Big Marketing Tribe on Facebook and join the discussion.


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Thanks for tuning in. Now get out there and take action.




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