Simple (and effective) ideas to improve your customer experience with Local Measure’s Jonathan Barouch | #486

Simple (and effective) ideas to improve your customer experience with Local Measure’s Jonathan Barouch | #486

Finally! Finally, thanks to Local measure’s Jonathan Barouch, we’re all going to discover how to create an incredible customer experience that will make it easier to do business with us, infinitely more enjoyable and crazily shareable. It’s a highly experiential episode 486 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show thanks to American Express.


A little bit more about Local Measure’s Jonathan Barouch …

Marketing is full of jargon, right?

And probably the most bandied around term of recent years has been customer experience, or CX as those in the know like to call it.

But what is it? Why’s it important? How can it help grow my business? And if it can, how do I get some of that action?

All excellent questions, which are about to be answered by customer experience expert Jonathan Barouch, who is the founder of real-time customer intelligence company Local Measure …. and is also one of Australia’s most respected tech entrepreneurs.

Local Measure is next generation customer experience (mainly in the hospitality, travel & tourism sectors), providing highly-targeted, real-time customer intelligence, insight and demographic info to businesses about their customers.

So if the idea of wowing those precious customers of yours appeals, then grab a pen and paper (I know, how old school!) and get ready to be wowed yourself.

I started off by asking Jonathan to share the best customer experience he’d ever had.



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Local Measure’s Jonathan Barouch:

  1. I love the idea of giving deep consideration to the end-to-end journey of the customer as they travel through your business, the whole time asking yourself “How do I want my customer to feel?”
  2. I love that Jonathan acknowledges that B2B and B2C are just a distraction from the real way of doing business which is H2H (human-to-human) or P2P as I like to call it … people-to-people.
  3.  Be mindful of the fact that every customer now has a megaphone and more and more are willing to use it, thanks to social media, Google Reviews, and other review sites. So actively seek good reviews and testimonials, and be sure to respond to the good and bad ones.



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