363 – How to build an empire by identifying a gap in the market with Kate Morris of Adore Beauty

363 – How to build an empire by identifying a gap in the market with Kate Morris of Adore Beauty

Kate Morris was selling make-up at the Clarins counter in a large department store. It was there she identified a rather large gap in the market. She filled that gap with a business called Adore Beauty – laying the foundation for Australia’s largest online retailer of beauty products.


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Interviewing Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty for The Small Business Big Marketing Show. Enjoy ?

Posted by Tim Reid on Tuesday, April 18, 2017



We cover a lot of ground as Kate explains:

  • How she’s built this empire
  • Why she sold part of it to Australia’s biggest supermarket brand, then bought it back again
  • Why opening a bricks and mortar store was the wrong move
  • Why ensuring the Adore Beauty brand doesn’t shine to bright


Here’s what caught my attention from chatting with Kate Morris of Adore Beauty:

  1. What do we want to be in the lives of our customers? This is a great question to ask as you plan your marketing strategy.
  2. Have the courage to fail. I hear this time and time again from successful business owners. The failures are where the lessons live. Just fail quickly and move on!
  3. Having a full time blogger on staff. Great writers don’t come cheaply, so this idea is of course for businesses over a certain. That said, at least have a writer you can call on when a brochure or blog or sales letter needs to be written.


But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode you’ll also discover:

  • Resident techspert Dale Beaumont from 52 Ways shares another productivity tool to make your business life a whole lot easier.
  • I share another low cost marketing idea that’ll have your staff jumping out of their pants!
  • And we go back into the vault, revisiting a chat I had with Gold Medal Olympian Steven Bradbury.


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If some thing in this episode of Australia’s favourite marketing podcast peaked your interest, then let me know. Leave your thoughts below.

May your marketing be the best marketing.

Identify a gap in the market

Timbo Reid
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