It’s International Women’s Day – So Let’s Celebrate With My Top 25 Female Business Owner Interviews

International Women’s Day is a good reason to celebrate the amazing female business owners and entrepreneurs I’ve had the honour to interview over the past eight years on The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

The honesty and emotion with which they have shared their insights in to their business (and often personal) journeys has been inspirational.

So, here’s my completely subjective, and in no particular order (promise!) list of 25 female entrepreneurs I’ve had the good fortune to have a fireside chat with (click on their name to listen to the interview):

Michelle Bridges of 12WBC talking personal branding, business success and why we should all JFDI!

michelle bridges interview
Michelle Bridges of 12WBC

Alicia Shaffer  of Three Bird Nest on how to be the #1 seller on Etsy amongst 1.5 million stores

Amanda Stevens on how to effectively market to women (never easy ;0)

Clarissa Rayward, The Happy Family Lawyer, on how she’s challenging the conventions of the stuffy legal industry

Karen Jacobsen, the voice of Siri,on personal branding and how to overcome fear in business

Maxine Windram of Brava Woman who built a business thanks to big boobs (her words, not mine ;0)

Tina Tower of Begin Bright on how to get free publicity

Carmen Sognonvi of Urban Martial Arts on how to nail old school marketing

Melissa Maker of Clean My Space on how to attract Hollywood A-listers in to your marketing

international women's day
Melissa Maker of Clean My Space

Naomi Simson of Red Balloon on happiness

Mia Freedman of MammaMia on how she generated 14 million pages views

Julie Cross of Miss Sparkle on how to own your space and feel great about yourself

Valerie Khoo on the 8 stories you must tell to build an epic business

Rebecca Smart of Streat on how to make money whilst doing a world of good

Melissa Coker of Wren Studios on how she created ‘First Kiss’ the world most viral marketing video

Kelly Baker-Jamieson of Edible Blooms on building an empire but still finding family time

Sarah-Jane Dunford of Riskology on how to run a successful event

Kortney Olsen of Grrrl on how she gambled 95% of her marketing budget on an underdog

Sarah Bartholomeusz of You Legal on how to create a lifestyle business

Felicity Rogers of Cargo Crew on how she’s challenged the corporate uniform industry

Lizzy Abegg of Spell & The Gypsy Collective on how she’s built a multi-million dollar fashion empire

international women's day
Lizzy Abegg with sister Isabella from Spell & the Gypsy Collective

Kate Johannson of KOJA Health on how to build a healthy brand in a crowded market place

Leena van Raay of Bike ‘n Blend on how to turn a passion in to a business

Karen Justice of Just For Pets on how she took on the big boys and won

Kirsty Spraggon of Kirsty TV on how our secrets are killing us

This is by no means the extent of my list. I have had fireside chats on my business marketing podcast with so many more amazing women … scroll through this link and you’ll find them all.

And to each and everyone of you, mentioned above or not … THANK-YOU, you make the business world a better place.

Happy International Women’s Day


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