SBBM #34: Australia’s leading Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets.

SBBM #34: Australia’s leading Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets.

James SchramkoImagine launching an information product and within 90-minutes earn yourself a sweet six-figure income. That’s exactly what our special guest, James Schramko does. Seriously! As the ex-Sales Director for Mercedes Benz Australia, James realised that he could earn a lot more money and lead a less stressful lifestyle by building online businesses. He now has well over 1,000 turning a handy multi-million dollar a year income for his wife and four children, as he really does live the four hour work week. And here’s the very cool thing… James not only reveals a whole lot of ‘how to’s’ during our time with him…but he also makes an exclusive offer to all of us of a 50% discount of his Fast Web Formula product… a 12-DVD set plus workbooks that really does lift the lid on how to make good coin from the internet. Luke and I love it so much that we’ve already bought our copies… and we’ve written a blog post on the exciting arrival of it! (Sick, isn’t it?!).

Show Links & resources

James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula – 50% off this amazing 12-DVD set of how to make it big using internet marketing

Our upcoming 2-Day Marketing Intensive – Is this Australia’s most useful Marketing workshop?

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Buy Tim’s marketing book Cha-Ching! – It’s got more marketing ideas in it than Tim’s had hot breakfasts (well, not quite!).

Send Out Cards – Try it free…especially with Xmas approaching.

Our next guest will be the Sales Director from Yellow Pages…interesting stuff! Stay tuned.

Australia’s leading Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets (PDF Transcription)

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