Joke eBay video selling girlfriend’s old Honda goes viral | #391

Joke eBay video selling girlfriend’s old Honda goes viral | #391

Welcome to a bonus episode of The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

I’ve just come across this video that’s gone viral – it involves a guy out of the States who’s created what looks like a TV commercial for a luxury car, but is actually helping to sell his girlfriend’s beaten up old Honda on eBay!



It was produced by Max Lanman who’s a LA-based writer and director. He explains why he did it early up in the interview, suffice to say that at the time of me going to air with this story, the video (in its first 10-days) has had over six million views, Max has had hundreds of thousands of dollars of media coverage and he hasn’t slept for over a week!

This is a really cool story, with a mountain of marketing learnings for us all.


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May your marketing be the best marketing.

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