How to get the Kardashians to endorse your product with Sant and Abel’s Sophie Lovejoy | #453

How to get the Kardashians to endorse your product with Sant and Abel’s Sophie Lovejoy | #453

Love them or loathe them, having The Kardashians endorse your product or service would most likely be good for your business. Well, today’s guests did exactly that, getting millions of dollars of publicity along the way.  And guess how much it cost her?


$50,000? $500,000? $5,000,000?


Nope. It cost her absolutely nothing!


A little bit more about Sophie Lovejoy

Adelaide-born, LA-based Sophie Lovejoy is the founder of the sophisticated sleepwear brand Sant and Abel. And as an ex-TV producer, Soph is one of those go-getting business owners who make things happen.

Her biggest marketing claim to fame is she arranged to have every single Kardashian wear her pyjamas multiple times on their hit TV show, on their socials, apps and blogs. The exposure she got is worth millions, and she didn’t pay a cent!


In this candid interview Sant and Abel’s Sophie shares:

  • How and why share started an online pyjama brand
  • Why she loves the Beverly Hills Hotel so much!
  • How she managed to get the world’s most famous reality TV family in the Kardashians to wear her pyjamas
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Sant and Abel founder Sophie Lovejoy:

  1. “Jump in the deep-end then work it out.”
  2. I love how Sophie chose to move to LA to access a bigger market, a more exciting business environment and earn $USD. Where could you move to?
  3. And I love Sophie’s enthusiasm towards networking … starting with being a regular at the Beverly Hills Hotel!


“Aim for the top. The worst thing that can happen is that they say “NO!””

– Sophie Lovejoy,
Sant and Abel


Sophie Lovejoy Interview Transcription



Sophie Lovejoy welcome to the small business big marketing show.



Thank you. Timbo It’s a pleasure to be here.



Now I hear as a young girl you used to teach your friends rude songs in the playground. What was your favorite little ditty?

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Resources mentioned:


Jingle of the Week – Rose’s Chocolates from 1983


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