Time management expert Kate Christie on living your best business & personal life | #639

Time management expert Kate Christie on living your best business & personal life | #639

Kate Christie is all about living your life to the fullest, in business and in pleasure. Not only, as a time management expert, can she find you 30 guilt-free hours a month; she can then get you designing your best life thanks to what she calls your very own Life List! It’s a timely episode 639 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



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A little more about Life Lister & time management expert Kate Christie …


Kate Christie is a time management expert and author of a new book titled The Life List in which shares how she lost her former husband at 50, and how it provided the catalyst to create what she calls a ‘Life List’ … all the things and experiences she wants to do now whilst she’s still young enough to enjoy them.

Now whilst talking about that was why I got Kate on the show, as a time-management expert, she claims she can confidently find you 30 guilt-free hours a month that you can dedicate to designing your dream life. So we go deep on that as well.

Plus we talk about the power of small business owners becoming published authors, what happens when you reveal your vulnerable side in business, and we explore the smarts behind being known for one thing, well!



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